The Board of Directors is comprised of dedicated volunteers who work on behalf of the membership to move forward on the Mission, Values and Vision of ONTABA. Task forces and committees are struck as per need or mandate. To learn more, see our committee/task force page.

Board of Directors

  • President - Jennifer Cunningham
  • President Elect - Kendra Thomson
  • Treasurer - Raluca Nuta
  • Treasurer-Elect - Position to be filled next election
  • Secretary - Joan Broto
  • Director-at-Large - Karl Gunnarsson
  • Director-at-Large - Carly Eby
  • Director-at-Large - Jason Bosett
  • Director-at-Large - Shiri Bartman
  • Director-at-Large - Aamir Khan
  • Director-at-Large (Graduate Representative) - Joey Robertson
  • Director-at-Large (Undergraduate Representative) - Jamie Wallace

Committee Chair(s) Contact Information
Conference Committee Jamie Wallace, Undergraduate Representative
Public and Community Relations Committee Joey Robertson, Graduate Representative
Professional Regulation Committee Joan Broto, Secretary
Kendra Thomson, President-Elect
Professional Practice Committee Shiri Bartman, Director-at-Large Jason Bosett, Director-at-Large
Professional Development Committee Shiri Bartman, Director-at-Large
Membership, Awards and Recruitment Committee Raluca Nuta, Treasurer
Website Committee Aamir Khan, Director-at-Large
Newsletter Committee Jason Bosett, Director-at-Large
ASD Committee Carly Eby, Director-at-Large, and Carobeth Zorzos (Co-Chair)
Adult Services Task Force Karl Gunnarsson, Director-at-Large and Rosemary Condillac (Co-Chair), and Nicole-Aliyah Rahim (Co-Chair)

Task Forces

  • ONTABA Scientific Expert Task Force for Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders (OSETT-ASD)
  • ONTABA Education Task Force
  • ONTABA Scientific Expert Task Force for the Treatment of Challenging Behaviour (OSETT-CB)